Wa2eby pcb

How to make a PCB prototyping with UV soldermask - STEP by STEP

Part 1 was readily available on the internet but part 2 was a little more elusive. After much searching I finally located it in the ARRL archives and also at wa2eby amplifier part 2 After studying the articles, I decided that I wanted to build one.

The amplifier covers thru 10 meters, 1w input 40 watts out with 28vdc supply. The project consists of two PC boards, an amp and a harmonic filter board.

The original article had a parts list that was mainly Mouser part numbers. This seemed like an easy to go so I logged in and made a Mouser Project List for the amplifier. They didn't have toroids so I searched further. This is a very reasonable way to get the toroids. It includes the following items. The 20 teflon wire can be purchased from many places on the internet.

Do a Google search on teflon wire and check the results. You will need 20" of 20 teflon insulated wire, 8 feet of 24 magnet wire, 13 feet of 22 magnet wire. The overall board layout looks like this:. Testing the filter board with a network analyzer.QRZ Forums. Tags: beginner homebrew kit solid state amplifier.

Hello, I'm looking for some community recommendations on a HF Solid State Amplifier Kit that can be purchased with all necessary parts except possibly for the case. I'm looking for something that covers at least 10 - 80 meters with to watts output from up to watts input. I was looking over the plans for the w solid state amplifier that came with my ARRL handbook, however the notes state that it is not for the beginner - which I certainly would be.

My goal is not only to have a working HF Amplifier at the end of the project, but to learn about the circuits and components, and construction techniques. Thank you for your comments. I would start with a small amp or a few qrp kits to wet your feet.

Also starting with a lower power amp to learn the ropes saves you from a possible life changing accident. GL 73 David. Last edited: Nov 18, N8DAHNov 18, K1MMINov 21, NJ1S likes this. W0AATNov 22, So they are only partial kits, need additional filters, switching, etc.

I anticipated a 6 to 8 week project to occupy the winter months. I wouldn't consider the CCI kits beginner kits at all. There is a lot that you have figure out on your own or tap the collective knowledge at this web site. If you are interested here is the link to my build. However, If you are looking for something that you can assemble in a couple of weeks, then flip a switch and it all works perfectly. This aint it. Last edited: Nov 27, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Register for a free QRZ account.But the web site may is still have problems, Please let me know what links don't work. In addition to published projects, FAR Circuits offers a prototype service specializing on single-sided, and also non plated-through double-sided boards from Customer supplied artwork or PCB files. FAR Circuits can also provide custom layout for printed circuit boards.

We do layouts of the foil sided ssolder mask, and component legends, and documentation.

wa2eby pcb

Additionally, we offer a Confidential service for authors writing articles that may require a printed circuit board for their project. Please inquire for rates on custom projects; our Catalog of stocked boards is listed below.

wa2eby pcb

Please indicate article requests on a separate line on the order form. All orders are to be prepaid by check, money order, or Paypal. To order please indicate the ship to address, home phone number, quantity of boards, magazine article title, publication, issue date, and any other information that would be helpful in identifying the board.

FAR Circuits ships all orders via Priority mail unless otherwise noted. All boards are made of G, FR-4 material, 1 oz. A clear film negative is required for custom boards.

Quantity pricing available.

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Far Circuits reserves the right to change the pricing based on the complexity of the board. FAR Circuits offers layout and prototype services. Please call for these details. The lines highlighted in BLUE indicate that a description is available for that project, Just double click on the line highlighted in BLUE and the description will be shown. Articale reprints. Custom boards. If you have ordered from FAR Circuits before Read comments from builders of projects with FAR Circuits boards.QRZ Forums.

It is 10X10 cm 2-sided so it should be cheaply manufacturable. I want to build one so I can see how it works and modify it for other purposes, so I thought I would make a PCB useful to others who want to try it. I also added an overcurrent protection circuit that can be bypassed for the PA transistors on the board. There is space on the board for 5 QRP low pass filters. The entire top layer is ground and all traces are routed on the bottom. KW4TIFeb 13, Delivery in less than a week.

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Keep us posted on the build. K3KICFeb 13, I don't know if this will work but hopefully it should help prevent finals damage. I am not sure how otherwise to prevent damage from a bad antenna match than to actually put a reflected power meter on and foldback the current. CX3CPFeb 14, Hi, It looks nice.

However, routing of the signal and layout changes from the original design can have a big influence on performance. If input and output lines are routed near each other undesired feedback can occur, or if signal trace lengths are too long or too narrow, then undesired inductance and impedance can cause problems too. It's not just a matter of making a compact design where everything fits on a small board.

HF Solid State Amplifier Retail Kits for Beginners

It could be you've thought of these things already, but in any case it would be good to build a single example up first and test it before producing a lot of boards. N7EKUFeb 14, Mark, Thanks for the tips. The top layer is ground, so the one place where the input and output run over each other at component C6there is a ground plane in between. Otherwise I try to keep the component groups as close together as possible and the design compact so that the parasitics from the traces are small.

The traces to the transformers are under 15 mm long. The board traces are shown below. KW4TIFeb 15, This is one of the more skilled builds I have done. The boards you will see have no parts placement. That said it was still a lot of fun to build. All build info along with stats are at the bottom of the page. The T2 core was a tough wrap. I would suggest some form of glue to hold them as you wrap.

Just before final assembly, note the IRF's are not installed. I always save the fets for last to help the board line up with heat sink and case. Also note the bias trimmers. This is the suggested part but, depending on how you mount they might be better as the top-down variations. Mine worked but had to use the back side of the trimmer, it was tricky. The build notes I followed did not match some of the pictures, just follow the notes all is well. That said the pad for higher drive levels is in the QST article.

To me they are well worth it. It was a tough fit but it works great. Don't forget to cut the trace under R9 if you add the pad. The LPF stage was the easy part, all be it the longest. I get all that I can from Kitsandparts.

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Anything that couldn't be found at Mouser or Kits and parts I turned to Ebay. Be sure to follow the build notes. It can not be seen in the photo but I used a fine pencil to mark the bands on the pcb to save from an error. With some spare teflon wire I made quick work of the wire up. From the pic above you can see my power IN is going over the RF out as well as over the amp ignore the random coax from the meter across the picture.

I didn't end up leaving that alone. The power is now along the bottom side of the panel under the RF out. RF out was also lowered in the case more to avoid any issues with the LPF. The LPF in and out should also be as short as possible. The End Is Near! Some notes after daily use. I will either be adding a foot switch or adjusting the COR.Free guides and reports Read free guides, worksheets and reports focused on email marketing and leveling up your skills.

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wa2eby pcb

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Layout of WA2EBY QRP amplifier

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